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Hee Eun Chung

Imari Poza (They/She) on a human motorcycle riding into the sunset. 


Special thanks to the EVERYONE!


Producers: Ellie Rha and Soojin Jang

Main Model: Imari Poza (Mariposa)

Dancers: Coda, Gippeum Lee , Laura Detrow, Youlmae, Kate Williams, and Leah Yassky

Production Assistant: Daniel Oliver Lee

Photo/Lighting Assistants: Will Higgins and Meg McConville

Makeup Artist: Bridey Boyle

Body Makeup Artists: Lily Parfitt and Annalise

Stylist/Makeup Assist: Mari Carreno

Hair Stylist: Skye Melena

Jewelry Designer: Belle Zhao


SKU: Imari02
  • No refund unless proof of damaged print upon arrival. Please email for any questions or concerns regarding the print and we will work something out! 

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