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Hee Eun Chung is a photographer/videographer and holds a Bachelor's degree from Parsons, The New School in Photography. They have been studying photography for 7 years and have worked with music artists, models, and fashion designers, thus proving their versatility in photo making. Additionally, Hee Eun has worked on music videos and video campaigns.  Most of Hee Eun's intimate work deals with personal experiences growing up and brings authenticity to their photographs. They try to replicate that authentic feeling in any project that they are a part of and invite the audience to participate.

They also have done a conference for the Gender Conference at The New School.


Selected publications and brands include Photo Vogue, TMRW Magazine, Billboard Magazine, i-D Magazine, FADER Magazine, and MELISSA. 

Selected clients include music artist Phem and Zhe by Elizabeth. 


Hee Eun Chung is a photographer located in Brooklyn, New York. 

Please email for any serious inquiries or questions.

H e e  E u n  C h u n g

Hee Eun Chung
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